Meaning of vested interest in English:

vested interest

Pronunciation /ˌvɛstɪd ˈɪntrɛst/

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  • 1A personal reason for involvement in an undertaking or situation, especially an expectation of financial or other gain.

    ‘banks have a vested interest in the growth of their customers’
    • ‘But he believes shares are being stopped from reaching their ‘true level’ by financial institutions with a vested interest in seeing them continually rise.’
    • ‘The answer is that a family that has established a business, built it up and kept a substantial stake, has a vested interest in very long-term shareholder value.’
    • ‘The government has a vested interest in keeping the share prices high.’
    • ‘They are in no way credible when they are produced by those with a vested interest in the industry, as is the prevailing situation in this country and the UK.’
    • ‘That whole economic argument is a scam put out by people with a vested interest in keeping things going the way they are.’
    • ‘As a leading financial economy, it has a vested interest in pushing liberalized free capital markets since it can make money on both sides.’
    • ‘With organization came paid officials and such people had a vested interest in reducing the degree of conflict between the sect and the surrounding society.’
    • ‘For everyone involved has a vested interest in the status quo.’
    • ‘The decision had been taken by legal people with a vested interest in the Judicial Service, he added.’
    • ‘First off, it's generally wise to avoid quoting exclusively those people who maintain a vested interest in the very thesis one's ‘news item’ promotes.’
    • ‘Bennett claims the programme is the victim of ‘an ugly conspiracy by those with a vested interest in discrediting it and personal grudges to settle’.’
    • ‘Many of the parties involved have a vested interest in maintaining silence, or presenting an extremely distorted version of events.’
    • ‘By approaching individuals who have a vested interest in the community and regular contact with the residents, it also provides the Member with a greater awareness and intelligence on local issues.’
    • ‘But the thing to remember is that we are unaligned and do not have a vested interest in anything other than to glorify our own names in the pages of art history.’
    • ‘Parents have a vested interest in the healthy functioning of their children as their social status and future economic well-being may be tied to both the size and success of the family.’
    • ‘Naturally, each side has a vested interest in their own reports, but I have to say that when it comes to numbers, I tend to trust engineers over politicians - nerds over lawyers.’
    • ‘I think all of them have to wonder whether or not those stipends are going to continue once he dies, and so they have a vested interest in seeing that they are taken into consideration now before he dies.’
    • ‘She said: ‘Fullers is a brewery and we have a vested interest in selling beer.’’
    • ‘How can the council reach an unbiased decision when they have a vested interest in the car park?’
    • ‘Although studio executives protest that they are forever working at reducing production costs, there is a vested interest in big-budget, effects-heavy blockbusters.’
    1. 1.1A person or group with a particular reason for involvement in an undertaking or situation.
      ‘the problem is that the authorities are a vested interest’
      • ‘To this day, he has supporters who believe vested interests and disgruntled enemies blackened his name.’
      • ‘Until that happens, he believes, politicians, businessmen and vested interests will continue to amass illicit wealth at the expense of the common good.’
      • ‘‘The implication that I was somehow involved in a conspiracy on behalf of vested interests is untrue,’ Sanders says.’
      • ‘Yet, if Professor Smith has no time for the blinkered excuses of French politicians and vested interests, his purpose in writing this book is pointedly constructive rather than the reverse.’
      • ‘The film is an utterly compelling account of the corporate politics, vested interests and subtle pressures that came into play once Murrow and his team had embarked on their course of action.’
      • ‘Sources suggest Shannon was targeted for break-up partly because it was too close to local vested interests, including politicians of all hues.’
      • ‘Evolutionary reform has proved impossible because it offends too many vested interests and our political leadership is too cowardly to take the brave decisions required.’
      • ‘But critics warned of vested interests hijacking the protests by stirring up anti-foreign sentiments.’
      • ‘One very good reason for applauding the efforts of puny protesters against powerful vested interests is that you never know when that puny protester might have to be you.’
      • ‘But, again, the vested interests of political parties prevailed over the needs of governance.’
      • ‘Never have so many powerful vested interests conspired to sabotage a plan before it could be given a fair trial - nor with so much venom and stealth.’
      • ‘The vested interests believe they have a much better chance of having the new legislation killed under a Greek presidency.’
      • ‘This points to the entrenched vested interests that will inhibit discussion of this issue.’
      • ‘There is every reason to believe that some vested interests are behind the move.’
      • ‘However, there are many unpleasant regimes across the globe, and unless vested interests are directly involved, the major powers conveniently ignore them.’
      • ‘Various vested interests, in particular less competitive nationally-based firms, have a significant stake in the maintenance of the old relations with the unions and the state apparatus.’
      • ‘We are not here to act on behalf of any other specific or particular vested interests or agency.’
      • ‘But it has also benefited mightily from the support of vested interests who envision large fees from millions of new accounts to manage.’
      • ‘Networks must be open and free, and vested interests conspire darkly in Washington, D.C. against them.’
      • ‘As far as I'm concerned, a lot of the expenditure goes to particular vested interests.’
  • 2Law
    An interest (usually in land or money held in trust) recognized as belonging to a particular person.

    ‘It stands, therefore, in real contradistinction to the type of vested interest in land that one encounters with a lease.’
    • ‘Should B then die before the widow, B's estate will retain a vested interest and C will not obtain any interest in the property, even though this is contrary to the express wishes of the settlor.’
    • ‘Now, that actually calculates to being 20 per cent of this vested interest that the wife had, which was not going to become available to her during her mother's lifetime.’