Meaning of vestibular in English:


Pronunciation /vɛˈstɪbjʊlə/


  • Relating to a vestibule, particularly that of the inner ear, or more generally to the sense of balance.

    ‘disorders of vestibular function’
    • ‘In patients with decompression sickness, the vestibular system, spinal cord and brain are affected by the formation of nitrogen bubbles.’
    • ‘The vestibular system of the inner ear influences our posture, our movements and the position of our body in space.’
    • ‘Certainly, when positive, vestibular function testing provides objective documentation of a patient's reported symptoms.’
    • ‘The other position sense is the vestibular sense, which tells us about balance, about where we are in relation to gravity, and about acceleration or deceleration.’
    • ‘Nausea usually arises from one of three sources: the abdomen, the brain, and the vestibular apparatus.’