Meaning of vestigially in English:



See vestigial

‘Canada, Australia and New Zealand, he explained, have a culture still vestigially fascinated by the book.’
  • ‘This parallelism exists, vestigially, in the tradition of animal parables.’
  • ‘The absurdity is heightened by the arrangement of works in the gallery, which is vestigially museological, featuring vitrines, shelves and careful spatial separations within the gallery's clean white walls.’
  • ‘It is astonishing how often the word ‘initiation’ occurs in the literature these days, and how many myths are suspected of being vestigially connected with such rituals, on no better grounds than the presence of the separation motif.’
  • ‘The salient features of H.W.'s life - premature stardom that drove to drink, a marriage turned living hell - are vestigially there, but not duly explored.’