Meaning of vetchling in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvɛtʃlɪŋ/


  • A widely distributed scrambling plant related to the vetches, typically having fewer leaflets.

    Genus Lathyrus, family Leguminosae

    ‘Field pea, lentil, and blue vetchling were also present.’
    • ‘Once you get your eye tuned in to seeing the flowers in a sea of waving long grass, though, it is not too hard to spot little groups of these flowering vetchlings here and there.’
    • ‘The vetches and vetchlings are native to temperate areas in both hemispheres and their range even extends into mountainous parts of Africa.’
    • ‘This may be a result of a decline in some of their food plants (vetches, vetchlings and clovers).’
    • ‘A number of notable plant species are present including meadow oat, upright brome, greater knapweed, woolly thistle, slender tare, pyramidal orchid, wild thyme, large thyme and grass vetchling.’