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Veterans Day


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  • (in the US) a public holiday held on the anniversary of the end of the First World War (11 November) to honour US veterans and victims of all wars. It replaced Armistice Day in 1954.

    ‘I was going to give a Veterans Day speech in Westchester at 11:00.’
    • ‘Be Good, Smile Pretty will be aired nationally by PBS on November 11, Veterans Day.’
    • ‘Regular speeches in this series cover Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Army Birthday / Flag Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day.’
    • ‘And as we go to break, we show you a live picture of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial here in Washington on this Veterans Day in the United States, 2001.’
    • ‘President Bush, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs have all published eloquent messages for this Veterans Day.’
    • ‘In the USA, Remembrance Day is known as Veterans Day.’
    • ‘On this Veterans Day, about 180,000 members of the National Guard and reserves are serving on active military duty.’
    • ‘CNN's Thomas Roberts has been probing that question this Veterans Day.’
    • ‘I ask that you set aside a moment this Veterans Day to remember the service and sacrifices of American veterans, past and present.’
    • ‘Both the Washington Post and the Washington Times tell the story of Eugene Simpson in honor of Veterans Day today.’
    • ‘Let's agree on this: Veterans Day should have no apostrophe because the government says so.’