Meaning of veterinarian in English:


Pronunciation /ˌvɛt(ə)rɪˈnɛːrɪən/

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North American
  • A person qualified to treat diseased or injured animals; a veterinary surgeon.

    ‘For instance, the Act requires that fees paid by veterinarians to the Veterinary Council be established by regulations.’
    • ‘A visit from a veterinarian or veterinary technician will serve to extend the play in that setting.’
    • ‘It is best to consult with a veterinarian when setting up a deworming program.’
    • ‘They are physicians, nurses, veterinarians, research scientists and others.’
    • ‘The dog was taken to a veterinarian, who discovered a National Dog Registry tattoo on its hind leg.’
    • ‘Never give your companion animals medication unless you are directed to do so by a veterinarian.’
    • ‘After acquiring a new bird, schedule a physical exam with an avian veterinarian.’
    • ‘A medical exam performed by an avian veterinarian will reveal if an illness is present.’
    • ‘It is available as a caplet and chewable tablet and is given to dogs by mouth, or by injection administered by veterinarians.’
    • ‘It would place veterinarians on alert and hire more guards at laboratories researching food pathogens.’
    • ‘For example, many veterinarians now treat diabetes in cats with a meat-based canned diet.’
    • ‘If you don't know how or prefer not to trim your own bird, many pet shops and veterinarians offer this service.’
    • ‘When pets recover quickly, they get to go home faster, making owners and veterinarians happy.’
    • ‘Become familiar with the veterinarians in your area and make sure you know who to call when your pet needs care.’
    • ‘For this reason veterinarians usually do not recommend the vaccine for cats who are not at risk.’
    • ‘Your veterinarian can help provide an accurate diagnosis of your animal's condition.’
    • ‘This procedure is done by your veterinarian and is pretty much the same thing as the scaling you get at the dentist.’
    • ‘You can learn the proper way to clip your dog's nails from a standard pet care book, or your veterinarian.’
    • ‘Next time you visit your veterinarian, ask about new advances that might help your dog live better.’
    • ‘Move your dog to a cooler environment, immerse him in cool water and contact your veterinarian.’