Meaning of veterinary surgeon in English:

veterinary surgeon


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  • A person qualified to treat diseased or injured animals.

    North American term veterinarian

    ‘Secondly, the review contains no trials from species routinely treated for haemorrhage by veterinary surgeons.’
    • ‘The Currow native, who qualified as a veterinary surgeon, won 20 caps during a distinguished international rugby career with Ireland between 1965 and 1968.’
    • ‘Also significant are provisions relating to the prescribing cascade, which will allow veterinary surgeons to use products authorised in another EU member state as one of the cascade options.’
    • ‘Farmers interested in taking part in the initiative should discuss with their veterinary surgeons the appropriate samples to submit to VLA regional laboratories.’
    • ‘Prescription only would result in a monopoly by veterinary surgeons.’
    • ‘The main comment was that the veterinary surgeon had no knowledge of pigs, two owners complained of poor attitude towards their pets and two veterinarians were unable to provide suitable ‘pig’ medicines.’
    • ‘There will also be an ecologist in industry, nature reserves warden, a wildlife veterinary surgeon, an independent badger consultant, zoo curator and wildlife television presenter.’
    • ‘If a pet owner has more power than a relative of an incapacitated patient over a treatment decision, can they therefore require a veterinary surgeon to destroy a healthy animal?’
    • ‘The university veterinary surgeons who frequently prepare animals for experiments gave the rattler an implant of a little plastic loop.’
    • ‘He qualified as a veterinary surgeon; he was a great worker; he took life very seriously but overall was his great sense of humour and fun.’
    • ‘Neither respondent is a veterinary surgeon or practitioner.’
    • ‘In that 4 and a half years on the Isle of Man, I worked as a practising veterinary surgeon and met quite a few people who were involved in the drag hunt.’
    • ‘One was an ex-doctor, one a former civil servant and the other a qualified veterinary surgeon.’
    • ‘Unlike in the case of beef and mutton, there is no facility for examining chicken by veterinary surgeons / health authorities before or after slaughter.’
    • ‘A veterinary surgeon was kidnapped from his animal clinic in Maraval yesterday by two men who claimed they had a dog in urgent need of medical attention.’
    • ‘The lack of veterinary surgeons who knew how to treat crocodiles worsened the situation.’
    • ‘The clinical consequences of hypertension are so important that the fundamental measurement deserves to be taken with proper regard to precision, and with the same care that is now taught to veterinary surgeons.’
    • ‘Add the fact that official veterinary surgeons only have to be present for a quarter of the production time at smaller slaughterhouses and it is possible to understand the temptation to operate outside regulations.’
    • ‘France has a deficit of veterinary surgeons, despite the French passion for poodles and other lap-dogs, because entry requirements to the profession are set too high, it says.’
    • ‘The enquiry could find that a monopoly situation exists among the manufacturers, wholesalers or even veterinary surgeons, which prevents or distorts competition.’