Meaning of vexedly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvɛksɪdli/


See vexed

‘The author intercedes here, explaining that the history of the famed knight of La Mancha has been vexedly cut off at this point where the two combatants are about to deliver each other a mortal blow.’
  • ‘It stands, therefore, inert on our shelves or lies vexedly thumbed on our tables, and it will continue so until we learn to use it as it was intended we should.’
  • ‘The more we learn of Tagore and his work, the more we come to realize that access to his inner nature is vexedly labyrinthine, despite the prolificacy and profundity of his writings.’
  • ‘I was 12 years-old and my mother, in the kitchen, vexedly called to my father: ‘What's he doing now?’’
  • ‘The evening found me sitting at the kitchen table, vexedly staring down into a large aluminum bowl containing our weekly share from the CSA farm.’