Meaning of vexillum in English:


Pronunciation /vɛkˈsɪləm/

nounplural noun vexilla/vɛkˈsɪlə/

  • 1(in ancient Rome) a military standard or banner, especially one of a maniple.

    ‘In 1855 (during the reign of King Rama IV; Mongkut) the white chakra was dropped and thus the vexillum was a red field with a white elephant in the centre.’
    • ‘Only one example of vexilla has ever been found - the 3rd century example from Egypt.’
    • ‘Many examples of the vexillum are represented in illuminated manuscripts.’
    • ‘In Roman artwork, any vexillum which isn't just blank (due to loss of painted detail) has only lettering on it.’
    banner, standard, ensign, pennant, pennon, banderole, streamer, jack
    1. 1.1A body of troops under a vexillum.
    2. 1.2A flag attached to a bishop's staff.
    3. 1.3A processional banner or cross.
  • 2Botany
    The standard of a papilionaceous flower.

    • ‘During anthesis, the standard petal (vexillum) curves backward after the expansion of the wing petals.’
  • 3Ornithology
    The vane of a feather.


Latin, from vehere ‘carry’.