Meaning of VFL in English:



  • Victorian Football League.

    ‘eight of the original clubs broke away to form the VFL’
    • ‘The history of labour market intervention and revenue sharing in the VFL/AFL is discussed.’
    • ‘The number of VFL clubs in Melbourne grew and in the 1980s and 1990s clubs from cities outside Victoria were admitted.’
    • ‘It was not uncommon for local Australian Rules footballers to be enticed to try their luck with a club in Melbourne in the VFL/AFL.’
    • ‘There was keen competition between VFL clubs for country, interstate and VFA players.’
    • ‘At the end of 1971, transfer payments were allowed for exchanges of players between VFL clubs.’
    • ‘Perhaps the evenness during WWII was thought to be an aberration and one impact of the War was to change the ideology of the VFL to a more egalitarian one.’
    • ‘The VFL doubled the price of its membership tickets between 1947 and 1952.’
    • ‘England's FA and the VFL had a maximum wage, though not all players were paid it.’
    • ‘The VFL's player allowance in the 1950s was set at 5 pounds sterling per match.’
    • ‘Loyalty to the local suburb usually played little part in determining which VFL club a fan would follow.’