Meaning of VHS-C in English:


Pronunciation /ˌviːeɪtʃɛsˈsiː/


  • VHS compact, denoting a video system used by some camcorders, which records signals in VHS format on smaller video cassettes.

    ‘The video tapes used in VHS-C camcorders are much smaller in size than VHS, just in a smaller camcorder design.’
    • ‘All the advantages of VHS as far as editing goes as you use an adaptor (which looks like a VHS tape) that allows your VCR to play VHS-C tapes like normal videotapes.’
    • ‘A comparable VHS-C camera would also work Complex cameras are not necessary; basic models can be obtained for as low as $250.’
    • ‘We will accept 8, Hi8, Digital8, VHS-C and digital footage.’
    • ‘I think you just have to treat it like what it is and be very aggressive and uncompromising about it: ‘I'm shooting on VHS-C and that's that!’’