Meaning of viably in English:



See viable

‘However, he thinks the Steiner community should focus primarily on securing tenure of land, building new facilities and developing a business plan to show how their school can work viably in the long term.’
  • ‘The only point of criticism I can viably utter is that I thought there were some decoration ‘mismatches’ like the curtains or the garden lamps attached to the walls.’
  • ‘It is becoming increasingly urgent that we get collection centres established in order to move small lots of stock off farms which cannot reasonably or viably be carted halfway across the country for slaughter.’
  • ‘If the land had not been built up, what was put to me in writing from financiers to the developer and bankers to the developer confidentially was that the development could not viably proceed.’
  • ‘‘This event will demonstrate the key technical practises required to produce beef viably on an Irish farm,’ he added.’
  • ‘Bulgaria should have a lower-cost alternative to the larger international airlines, which should viably come in the form of a national carrier.’