Meaning of vial in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvʌɪəl/

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  • A small container, typically cylindrical and made of glass, used especially for holding liquid medicines.

    ‘Ritter picked up a box off the counter containing three small vials of different colored liquids.’
    • ‘Scully walks up to the table and places upon it a glass vial containing a honeybee that almost cost the agent her life.’
    • ‘Both were kept in clear glass vials, which were identical in size and shape.’
    • ‘The evidence was a small bucket, containing used vials, syringes and needles.’
    • ‘He had filled a flat box with sample vials containing a weighed amount of fine filings for analysis.’
    • ‘She reached down and poured the remaining water in her pot into a glass vial.’
    • ‘Dried pollen and spores were then stored in glass vials at room temperature until required.’
    • ‘He also knew that the vials of both medications were exactly the same except for the name printed on the label.’
    • ‘The number of vials used effectively in anesthesia was estimated based on a market survey.’
    • ‘The walnut box has a window through which we see three glass vials on a shelf lit from behind.’
    • ‘He spent a few years in England in industry making, of all things, vials for medicines.’
    • ‘One of the envelopes contained hair and a vial filled with a red substance that may have been blood.’
    • ‘She states that a needle filter should be used when drawing up medications from a grass vial.’
    • ‘The cells from the spatula or brush are put onto a glass slide, or into a vial, and sent to a laboratory.’
    • ‘Leaf tissue was placed in vials containing silica gel and stored at room temperature.’
    • ‘It is important to use good aseptic technique when accessing multiple-dose vials.’
    • ‘For dry storage, spores were placed in hermetic glass vials.’
    • ‘Two-day-old larvae were placed into vials containing medium rehydrated with the adaptive dose of the compounds to be tested.’
    • ‘Vials were examined daily for the presence of eggs and those vials containing eggs were separated.’
    • ‘Mortality in vials containing sucrose solution without ethanol was negligible.’


Middle English alteration of phial.