Meaning of viand in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvʌɪənd/


  • 1usually viands archaic An item of food.

    ‘an unlimited assortment of viands’
    • ‘Great seafood, viands, fruit and vegetables, complemented with some of the world's best wines, bring an excellent meal well within Bangkok prices at around Baht 500-600.’
    • ‘Stood there for a while watching him eat, and wondering whether to give him my viands as well, so his meal would have some flavor.’
    • ‘Even the catering crew's kept behind a swinging door, save for carefully timed replenishment of viands.’
    • ‘The egg basket would be over along the wall on a side table packed with choice viands purchased from reputable shops.’
    • ‘Every mile of the road heightens the flavor of the viands we expect at the end of it.’
    nourishment, sustenance, nutriment, subsistence, fare, bread, daily bread
  • 2Philippines A meat, seafood, or vegetable dish that accompanies rice in a typical Filipino meal.

    ‘a sumptuous lunch of rice and two viands’
    • ‘Filipinos on a tight budget prioritize rice over viand’


Late Middle English from Old French viande ‘food’, from an alteration of Latin vivenda, neuter plural gerundive of vivere ‘to live’; viand (sense 2) has been adopted in Philippine English as a translation of the Tagalog word ulam.