Meaning of viaticum in English:


nounplural noun viatica/vʌɪˈatɪkə/

  • 1The Eucharist as given to a person near or in danger of death.

    ‘This was the devastating viaticum of Pomponne de Bellievre for the dying Henry III, king of France.’
    • ‘In February 1878 Pius IX died but one month after allowing Victor Emanuel II to receive the viaticum during the king's final bout with malaria.’
    • ‘Liturgically, the scene embodies the mass as viaticum, the last mass for the departing soul and a crucial aid for the dying, which Fernando I used as a means of ensuring entrance to Heaven.’
    • ‘Once, when he was seriously ill, the priest came to his house to administer viaticum to him but he said he could not die because he had not yet sculpted anything.’
  • 2 archaic A supply of provisions or an official allowance of money for a journey.

    supplies, food and drink, food, stores, stocks, groceries, foodstuff, foodstuffs, rations, iron rations, eatables, edibles, fare, daily bread, staples



/vʌɪˈatɪkəm/ /vɪˈatɪkəm/


Mid 16th century from Latin, neuter of viaticus, from via ‘road’.