Meaning of vibe in English:


Pronunciation /vʌɪb/


  • 1usually vibesA person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

    • ‘we've been picking up some bad vibes on that guy’
    • ‘The village atmosphere and generally festive vibe is infectious as hundreds of people celebrate the very best of folk culture and music during the six-day event.’
    • ‘Long-time residents of the area like the low crime rate, the quiet atmosphere and the small-town vibe.’
    • ‘The bustling vibe adds to the atmosphere rather than detracting from your enjoyment.’
    • ‘You've been around the Senate for a long time, what sort of vibe do you get from the Government today?’
    • ‘It wasn't the world's most extravagant theatre complex, but it had this sort of historical vibe about it.’
    • ‘I always loved Meg's gorgeous photos and wanted to soak up the apparent peaceful, spiritual vibe of the place.’
    • ‘I'd never previously experienced such a positive vibe in a club environment.’
    • ‘On Saturday night, however, the vibe on the floor was very sweaty indeed and the atmosphere was brilliant.’
    • ‘Those who yearn for the good old warehouse days are going to appreciate the jazzy, ambient vibe.’
    • ‘I think he was great, he kept the vibe of the original character, but at the same time he exemplified the next generation.’
    • ‘Many of those early residents still remain in Venice Beach, contributing to the vibe of free-love and environmental peace that continues to this day.’
    • ‘In the music, man, the spiritual vibe is very important.’
    • ‘Instead of giving presents to friends, donate the same amount to individual charities and give people a vibe of the Christmas spirit.’
    • ‘Was it the leftover vibe of previous aura seekers who had come to this room?’
    • ‘Not only do these earrings draw attention to you, they give you a free spirited vibe which is so sexy.’
    • ‘I was in this bar on a Friday night, the vibe and ambience was chilled with funky back beats.’
    • ‘Expect the same trashy rock and electro vibe in a more intimate and debauched atmosphere.’
    • ‘Some DJs couldn't understand my positive vibe and couldn't handle sharing the spotlight, but after truly listening to my unique style, they gave me love.’
    • ‘Wim created a similar vibe as a speaker, meandering through anecdotes, sharing philosophies, listening to and acknowledging other people in the room.’
    • ‘The connection and feeling students have with their school benefits the school through contributions to the community and a positive vibe on campus.’
    ambience, aura, climate, air, mood, feel, feeling, character, tone, overtone, undertone, tenor, spirit, quality, aspect, element, undercurrent, flavour, colour, colouring, look, impression, suggestion, emanation


    1960s abbreviation of vibrations.

  • 2vibes

    another term for vibraphone

    • ‘His marimba and vibes contribute further percussive accents, and the intricate multiple meters and contrapuntal figures add up to a rhythmic feast for the listener.’
    • ‘A deep, squelching beat suffused with vibes and marimba stutters behind her, balancing the simple innocence of her words with skin-prickling menace.’
    • ‘The mood is intimate and late night; a chanteuse in a little club somewhere with a piano trio augmented by sax, vibes and guitar.’
    • ‘Beltran saves himself by using live instrumentation such as guitars, vibes and organs.’
    • ‘The lack of piano (or guitar, or vibes, etc.) gives the bassist and drummer more space in which to operate.’
    • ‘They're a fun, tight mix of jazz flair and rock energy, with guitar, bass, drums, and vibes.’
    • ‘Multiple guitars and vibes unwind a skeletal melody into nothingness while a lonesome organ drones sadly against the silence.’
    • ‘Folky guitars, brush drums, violin, and vibes tend to sink back as a shimmering canvas for his singing.’
    • ‘The front line of sax, vibes and trombone may strike some as unconventional, but to say it works would be a bit of an understatement; more than sum of their parts, indeed.’
    • ‘The vamp becomes a backdrop for an improvised duet between the vibes and cello.’
    • ‘It's the subsequent addition of multi-tracked vocal counterpoint, maracas, and vibes that turns it into a delectable piece of ear candy.’
    • ‘The first track further lulls you a false sense of security; a lovely, candle-flickering tune, drums brushed around a breathy sax and gently chiming vibes.’
    • ‘The vibes and the piano interplay while various electronic warbling and effects are heard in the background laying the background to the piece.’
    • ‘The leader, a much under-appreciated musician, is heard on both vibes and marimba.’
    • ‘Electronics were largely eschewed for acoustic strumming, vibes, banjo and plenty of ‘ba-ba-ba’ backing vocals.’
    • ‘Banjo and vibes fill in the corners of the song, leaving room for some sort of oscillating synthesizer and closely harmonized vocals.’
    • ‘And the vibes, by being so distinctive, emphasize the repetitiveness of the patterns they're playing, while the other instruments have a back door into your brain.’
    • ‘Killian and his band of vibes, percussion, sax, flute, bass, keyboards and vocalist occupied stage left.’
    • ‘Khan Jamal's vibes weave subtly and powerfully around Shipp's melodic, stately and frequently forceful piano lines.’
    • ‘He played the drums, the harmonica, guitar, piano, the vibes, he sang, he did impressions, he danced.’


  • 1no object Enjoy oneself by listening to or dancing to popular music.

    • ‘another classic CD for you to vibe with’
    • ‘So we spend a lot of time, sort of like jiving with each other, you know, jiving and vibing, at our farm.’
    • ‘Prev One and mini-dude Madchild were lucky enough to have a packed house to vibe with, even if the sound was questionable.’
    • ‘She said she'd really, really vibe well with a god/goddess who might be prepared to sing this back for her.’
    • ‘No matter what type of music you vibe to, give the new band a spin.’
    • ‘I wasn't somebody that was known in Canada, so he suggested that we vibe together.’
    • ‘I love creating music, and doing that with someone else to vibe off and to inject ideas into the mix is the bees knees.’
    1. 1.1Get on; have a good relationship.
      ‘we vibe so well with each other’
      • ‘They'll vibe with you nicely, and you make the sale.’
      • ‘Immediately we formed a bond and started vibing off each other.’
      • ‘Plus lots of celebratory lunching and munching, vibing and imbibing in the empire of the senses.’
      • ‘We were immediately vibing pretty well, like we had known each other all the time.’
      • ‘Many are feeling threatened by the idea of getting left behind if they don't vibe with this new medium.’
      • ‘He should have an artistic sense to vibe with the actor and the technician.’
      • ‘We vibe very well and often the scenes we improvise turn out even better that what was originally scripted.’
  • 2with object Transmit or give out (a feeling or atmosphere)

    • ‘he vibed pure hate in my direction’
    • ‘Within mere weeks, I was vibed out of the writers room.’
    • ‘The girls know that the best move is to vibe him back with excellent body language.’
    • ‘And, once again, me and Jerry just sat down and started vibing it.’
    • ‘I'm getting vibed by these guys all day and they're trying to make it out like, ‘Oh this kid can't do a grind, but he's trying McTwists.’’
    • ‘I know, I know somebody vibed you out or said something.’
    • ‘It was a refreshing change from being hassled by cops or vibed by jaded ‘cool guys’ in downtown US cities.’
    • ‘Many people seem to care what others ride. It seems weird to me for people to vibe someone for something that they themselves have never tried.’
    • ‘Cycling effortlessly between granite-hard drum excursions, creditable rapping and guitar riffage, the sinewy star seems hell-bent on vibing up the crowd.’
    • ‘Still vibing off of their CBC Big Break win, Montreal hip hop group Offsides are gearing up for another party at the Vatican this Sunday, July 21.’
    • ‘I would not, because as Larry and I was just sitting here vibing on the tube all around the world, this is the best forum in the world.’
    • ‘‘She really vibed with what we're doing and really got it,’ says Malinowski.’
    • ‘So, as a present to me, if you want to, would you mind taking a moment to vibe for peace in the middle east?’
    • ‘The way they vibe over there is very different, very laid back.’
    • ‘If you still vibe on him down the line, let him see you've truly chilled - then let him make any moves toward you.’