Meaning of vibrancy in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvʌɪbr(ə)nsi/

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(also vibrance)
mass noun
  • 1The state of being full of energy and life.

    ‘the vibrancy of the city centre’
    • ‘a period of economic vibrancy’
    • ‘her eyes seemed to radiate the vibrancy of youth’
    • ‘There's a vibrancy to Beijing that I was trying to capture.’
    • ‘There was a new vibrancy in the theatre for the brief run of the two programmes that showcased these works.’
    • ‘The movie's strength is in large part due to the vibrancy of the characters.’
    • ‘This edition devotes itself to exploring multicultural vibrancy in Britain today.’
    • ‘All in all, the brilliance and vibrancy of Edgar Allan Poe's tales are derived from a world that he knew all too well.’
    1. 1.1Striking brightness of colour.
      ‘the colour is luxurious in its richness and vibrancy’
      • ‘the vibrancy of the landscape’
      • ‘The colours have substantially more vibrancy, seeming to pop right off of the screen.’
      • ‘In the houses and thatched roofs, the natural materials' vibrancy still resonates in their ochre hues.’
      • ‘Bright colours, inside and out, reflect the vibrancy of the Latino neighborhood.’
      • ‘Colours have been restored to their original boldness and vibrancy, and many blemishes and imperfections have been eliminated.’
      • ‘The colour palate is comprised of muted shades of blues, yellows, reds, and greens with more vibrancy found in London than in Paris.’
    2. 1.2Strength and resonance of sound.
      ‘the vibrancy of her voice fills up the room’
      • ‘The warm wood, the moulded forms, and the resultant vibrancy of sound combine to create the perception of being inside a living creature.’
      • ‘They are adept at creating an exquisite line in melody that's deep in emotion and rich in vibrancy.’
      • ‘There's a wonderful texture and vibrancy to the music, and a sweetly melodic tone to her voice, but the lyrics are vapid and the production just a little too clean and bloodless.’
      • ‘It's a wonderful pastiche complete with intricate guitars, massive melodies, heavenly harmonies, pop vibrancy, indie licks, and really astute attitude.’
      • ‘Be warned that the full vibrancy and richness of the sound is lost on the personal CD player.’