Meaning of vibrantly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvʌɪbr(ə)ntli/


See vibrant

‘This is an outstanding, full-bodied wine for six quid, where vibrantly rich black fruits are threaded by ripe tannins and backed by lively mouth-cleansing acidity.’
  • ‘Long or dangling earrings with diamonds and vibrantly coloured stones, bracelets and studs complete the new line of formal and semi-formal jewellery.’
  • ‘The images are vibrantly colourful and not in the bleached spectrum we associate with seventies films, you are made to feel that that is what the seventies should have looked like.’
  • ‘And for children, there's a vibrantly designed childcare centre complete with computer games and a mini theatre that plays cartoon films.’
  • ‘The result is a vibrantly absurd and gory melee that exemplifies the director's talent for rendering brutal violence lyrical yet unglamorous.’
  • ‘It is considered lucky to spot the giant flying squirrel, so also the vibrantly coloured Malabar squirrel, which swiftly jumps from tree to tree.’