Meaning of vibration white finger in English:

vibration white finger


mass noun
  • Raynaud's disease caused by prolonged use of vibrating hand tools or machinery.

    ‘More than £1.9bn has so far been paid out to hundreds of thousands of sick ex-miners and their families under the massive compensation schemes for chest disease and vibration white finger illnesses.’
    • ‘If the skin goes white in the cold and then red on rewarming, and if the patient works with vibrating machinery, she may have hand-arm vibration syndrome or vibration white finger.’
    • ‘Labour says it is committed to a ring-fenced £400m aid package for ex-mining communities and has set aside £4bn to compensate ex-miners stricken with lung disease or vibration white finger.’
    • ‘The scheme, which is expected to pay out around £5bn for victims of respiratory disease or vibration white finger, has been mired in controversy since it began in 1999.’
    • ‘Solicitors who took part in the miners compensation schemes for both vibration white finger and respiratory disease all had their legal fees paid by the Department for Trade and Industry as part of a handling agreement.’
    • ‘The site, which tells miners how to ‘beat the tests’ for industrial disease vibration white finger, is also being investigated by the police, according to The Guardian.’
    • ‘But equipment used to apply the experimental compounds, and to ensure there was no trapped air, caused the industrial disease vibration white finger.’
    • ‘The letter asked those who had charged for vibration white finger or respiratory disease claims to advise whether they would agree to a request to repay.’
    • ‘The scheme for miners suffering from chronic bronchitis, emphysema and vibration white finger is now likely to cost the Government over £5bn.’
    • ‘Mr Wilson also admitted that the current estimate of the final cost of the scheme could be as much as £5bn, with £200m so far paid out for lung disease and £600m for vibration white finger.’
    • ‘Mr Hain said the compensation on offer between now and September would be stepped up to £440 million - double the amount so far paid out for lung problems and vibration white finger.’
    • ‘There are many tests that have been used to diagnose and assess vibration white finger.’
    • ‘Former miners across Yorkshire refused state support over vibration white finger could now receive benefit payments following a High Court victory paving the way for thousands of claims.’
    • ‘He has been awarded an interim payment of £8,000 three years after being diagnosed with vibration white finger.’
    • ‘The DTI has received more than 780,000 applications under two schemes covering respiratory problems and vibration white finger.’
    • ‘I accept that the first argument will have weight in a minority of cases; an example is where there are pioneering types of action such as vibration white finger.’
    • ‘The claimant sought damages from his employer in respect of damage to his hands known as vibration white finger caused by the use of hand-held vibratory tools.’
    • ‘A separate row has also broken out over a 79-year-old ex-miner who, says his local MP, is being denied compensation under the vibration white finger compensation scheme.’
    • ‘The Claimants' Solicitors Group mounted an attack on delays in vibration white finger payouts, claiming that too many cases were becoming the subject of irrelevant questioning and investigation.’
    • ‘A separate scheme for sufferers of the vibration white finger complaint has prompted 39,000 claims from ex-miners across the region, with £79m so far given out by the Government.’