Meaning of vibratory in English:



  • Relating to or causing vibration.

    ‘Fortunately an American physician in 1872 came up with the first steam powered massage and vibratory apparatus, which came with a clear warning: ‘Patients should be watched to avoid over manipulation of apparatus’.’
    • ‘This assessment includes tests to determine pressure perception, vibratory sensation, your ability to discriminate between sharp and dull pressure, tactile sensation and the Achilles tendon reflex.’
    • ‘You know you are safe, the literal danger is removed, but the vibratory presence is felt.’
    • ‘The mathematics describing the vibratory patterns that define the states of atoms in quantum mechanics is identical to that which describes the resonance of musical instruments.’
    • ‘Over the years, some audiences have not understood the simple rules: no queue jumping, no latecomers, no cell or other noisy devices of a vibratory nature in the theatres and so on.’
    • ‘Chronic misuse can eventually lead to organic vocal fold changes, which appear as vocal nodules and will disrupt the normal laryngeal vibratory pattern causing dysphonia.’
    • ‘Almost every consumer espresso machine with a vibratory or rotary pump is capable of producing this pressure consistently.’
    • ‘The vibratory environment affected mating frequency, with more mating occurring in the vibration-present treatments compared to the vibration-absent treatments, but the visual environment had no effect on mating frequency.’
    • ‘The sample was place in the dynamizer, causing emanations to pass through a series of machines; a rheostat dynamizer, a vibratory rate rheostat, a strain rate rheostat, a measuring rheostat, and finally a proximal electrode.’
    • ‘That helps prevent repetitive motion and vibratory problems, such as stinging and numbness and tingling of the hands.’
    • ‘We solved the fluid-solid interaction eigenvalue problem for the axial wavenumber, fluid pressure, and the vibratory relative motions of the cochlear partition as a function of frequency using an iterative algorithm.’
    • ‘This vibratory precision, combined with an ability to absorb, transduce and amplify electricity, has ensured the place, and reliability, of crystals in radar technology, ultrasound, record players, television and radio.’
    • ‘Thus a plurality of coupled vibratory systems are provided, tuned to one another, which vibrate with one another at the same frequency.’
    • ‘Being of an inventive turn of mind, Dr. Abrams set upon the task of developing an apparatus that would sort out these hypothetical vibratory rates and record them separately…’
    • ‘Nellie becomes aware of ‘flux,’ the ability to alter her vibratory rate in the molecular field, and she learns to travel back and forth to different ‘levels’ of reality.’
    • ‘One classification system stresses distinctions between vibratory and nonvibratory types, while another system groups the different forms of tinnitus into subjective or objective classes.’
    • ‘During the operation of the smooth-drum vibratory roller, pumping and rolling of the surface under wheel loads had occurred and ruts had been created in the soft soil after multiple passes of a loaded tandem truck.’
    • ‘If possible, they should not use vibratory tools, because the motion of these tools can make their symptoms worse.’
    • ‘During operation of the smooth drum vibratory roller, pumping and rolling of the surface under wheel loads had occurred, and ruts had been created in the soft soil after multiple passes of a loaded tandem truck.’
    • ‘The vibratory energy that produces the minute deformation comes from a transducer which converts high-frequency alternating electrical energy into mechanical energy.’



/ˈvʌɪbrət(ə)ri/ /vʌɪˈbreɪt(ə)ri/