Meaning of vibrotactile in English:



  • Relating to the perception of vibration through touch.

    ‘The second stage was defined as intermittent or persistent numbness, as well as reduced sensory perception confirmed by subjective tests for tactile, esthesiometric, and vibrotactile perception.’
    • ‘A study of long-term effects in individuals who experienced acute toxicity with organophosphorus insecticides indicated dose-dependent decreases in sustained visual attention and vibrotactile sensitivity.’
    • ‘Vibrotactile stimuli activate the auditory cortices in the congenitally deaf, suggesting that the cortical areas that normally subserve hearing may process vibrotactile information in those whose auditory abilities are lacking.’
    • ‘Two conduction vibrators, with vibrating surfaces of 16 mm by 24 mm, were attached to each cube, and used to present vibrotactile targets directly under the thumb or index finger of the right hand.’
    • ‘The firm investigated capacity limitations of the haptic system using a task that required participants to indicate if they perceived a vibrotactile stimulus in one of three locations.’
    • ‘J.W. was informed that a visual distractor would be presented at the same time as each vibrotactile target, but that it was completely irrelevant to the tactile task.’
    • ‘This result is surprising, given that his left hand never received any vibrotactile targets.’



/ˌvʌɪbrə(ʊ)ˈtaktʌɪl/ /ˌvʌɪbrə(ʊ)ˈtaktɪl/