Meaning of viburnum in English:


Pronunciation /vʌɪˈbəːnəm/

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nounplural noun viburnums

  • A shrub or small tree of temperate and warm regions, typically bearing flat or rounded clusters of small white flowers.

    Genus Viburnum, family Caprifoliaceae: many species and ornamental hybrids, including the guelder rose and wayfaring tree

    ‘Spring-flowering shrubs include such popular plants as forsythia, deutzia, lilac, viburnum, mock-orange and spirea.’
    • ‘This viburnum produces clusters of white flowers in late winter to early spring.’
    • ‘Since then it has been found mainly in rhododendrons and viburnums, pieris, camellias, lilacs and other plants which have been imported or sat alongside imports.’
    • ‘Imagine the envious looks on neighbors faces as the first burst of bulbs, primrose, and pulmonaria gives way to a riot of color as your azaleas and rhodies harmonize with kerria and viburnums.’
    • ‘On viburnums, pieris and camellia, symptoms are very similar, the disease causing wilting and ultimately death.’
    • ‘The backyard is full of viburnums, witch hazels, hydrangeas of all kinds, fothergillas, and other interesting shrubs.’
    • ‘Crab apples and viburnums are also good for wildlife, and pyracanthus (fire thorn), burning bush, and barberry provide winter food after their bitter berries have been softened by frosts.’
    • ‘Consider also the deciduous viburnums - these make good summer background shrubs, and the fall display can be lavish with sweeping shades of red to purple and ripened fruits.’
    • ‘Generally, pruning should be done on shrubs which flower before mid-summer as soon as flowering is over, including winter-flowering viburnums and mahonias, Ribes sanguineum, weigela and Spiraea ‘Arguta’.’
    • ‘Evergreen viburnum growing in the shade will certainly get moldy and full of mildew.’
    • ‘Laboratory tests indicate that eastern red and pin oaks, some blueberry varieties, and perhaps certain rhododendrons, viburnums, and other landscape plants are highly susceptible to sudden oak death.’
    • ‘For early blooming shrubs such as forsythia and viburnum, prune them as soon as blooms have passed.’
    • ‘Carruth meets the trees which are mindless but present as birch, aspen, dogwood, elm, spruce, balsam, viburnum, locust, beech, rockmaple, tamarack, and alder.’
    • ‘At the rear of the property, a pond is formed by raised beds filled with white azaleas, a katsura tree, rhododendrons, a tree fern, a tall viburnum, and other shade-loving plants.’
    • ‘My viburnum shrubs, which were historically used to counteract negative magicks, are just about ready to burst into fragrant blooms; I'll bet by next week they will be blooming.’
    • ‘Witch hazel and viburnum both make good, low maintenance specimen shrubs.’
    • ‘An informal hedge of arrowhead viburnums lines the house side of the walk.’
    • ‘Echo the fullness of the fruit in arrangements with berries and blooms, such as pale green nicotiana, chocolate cosmos, Oriental poppies, and viburnum.’
    • ‘Branches of viburnum, holly, and barberry offer architectural grace notes and still other means for signaling the season.’
    • ‘Plants such as viburnum, dogwood, maple or linden may need more water than species like honeylocust, oak or hackberry, which are better suited to Nebraska's dry, continental climate.’


Modern Latin, from Latin, ‘wayfaring tree’.