Meaning of vicar apostolic in English:

vicar apostolic


  • 1A Roman Catholic missionary.

    ‘This meant in practice that papal letters appointing vicars apostolic were not be acknowledged.’
    • ‘This vicar apostolic would report to the office in Rome called the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith.’
    • ‘From 1688, despite the danger to the individuals appointed, Rome chose men of piety, integrity, sacrifice and learning to act as vicars apostolic to areas of Britain.’
  • 2A titular bishop.

    ‘The Roman Catholic vicar apostolic for England equated Anglicanism with Donatism in a journal article.’
    • ‘Named vicar apostolic of North Carolina and consecrated a bishop in 1868, he attended the First Vatican Council in 1869-1870.’
    • ‘By the early 1590s it was accepted that a full hierarchy was impossible and a more ad hoc system of vicars apostolic adopted.’
    • ‘Vicars apostolic - because the church would not ordain local natives vicars apostolic were appointed by the Holy See.’
    • ‘An apostolic vicariate is led by a vicar apostolic, usually nowadays a titular bishop.’
    • ‘It is clear, however, that dioceses which are still administered by prefects or vicars apostolic are held to have been uninterrupted by the Reformation.’
    • ‘Upon the resignation of Bishop Kinold as vicar apostolic in 1941, Monsignor Toda Tatewaki became administrator apostolic.’