Meaning of Vicar of Christ in English:

Vicar of Christ


  • (in the Roman Catholic Church) a title of the Pope.

    ‘As the Vicar of Christ and guardian of authentic Christianity, however, he will unavoidably face the same enmity and malice that his predecessor did.’
    • ‘If being holy, being an alter Christus, is the sine qua non of the Vicar of Christ, I think being able to enter into dialogue, even combat, with different ideologies and belief systems is crucial.’
    • ‘More precious than the moral integrity of the Vicar of Christ?’
    • ‘If there is to be a fight-back against secularism, the lead must come from Rome.’
    • ‘Four decades after Rerum Novarum, the Vicar of Christ on earth preached as his only response to the Depression cooperation between management and labour through the resurrection of medieval guilds.’
    • ‘This, I believe, will be the lasting legacy of the greatest leader of the second half of the 20th century: Pope John II, Vicar of Christ, a man for our times sent from God.’
    • ‘This greatly extended the influence of the pope and it was the position of the pope that emerged victorious from the Council of Trent and the Council formally recognised the pope as Vicar of Christ on Earth.’
    • ‘Thousands of young Irish faces beamed back at the Vicar of Christ.’
    • ‘And yet when the time came, Napoleon grabbed the imperial wreath away from the Vicar of Christ so that he might crown himself.’
    • ‘This is as it should be, the argument goes, since he is after all the Vicar of Christ on earth.’
    • ‘But John Paul II is still the leader of the world's 1 billion Roman Catholics, heir to the throne of St. Peter and the revered title Vicar of Christ.’