Meaning of vicarial in English:



  • Relating to or serving as a vicar.

    ‘A vicar usually continued to have the spiritual care of the parish and to receive the vicarial tithes.’
    • ‘During the open and trustful dialogue the parties reviewed the theological, canonical and vicarial aspects of the above-mentioned problem.’
    • ‘It is the seat of vicarial house with a chapel dedicated to the Visitazione di Maria Vergine and it depend on the parish church of Traverses.’
    • ‘In 1757 by the Enclosure Act for Wymeswold the vicar was awarded much more land in lieu of the vicarial tithes which were commuted into land.’
    • ‘This vicarial presence is destroying the organizing principle upon which our society has, until now, been constructed.’
    ecclesiastical, church, priestly, pastoral, religious, spiritual, prelatic, apostolic, canonical, parsonical



/vʌɪˈkɛːrɪəl/ /vɪˈkɛːrɪəl/