Meaning of vicariousness in English:



See vicarious

‘I think it is, I think the passion for justice is very strong in me but the greatest challenge for me in that is where so readily you can get disembodied from the people who are suffering and it can be turned into a cause, vicariousness.’
  • ‘Yet, I would prefer to locate the difference between suffering and compassion, not in the intensity of the agony endured, but in the fact that the latter contains an element of intentionality and vicariousness that the former lacks.’
  • ‘More subtly perhaps, the incamational model of the atonement undercuts the sense of vicariousness that underlies the satisfaction and penal models.’
  • ‘He doling out fates with indecent vicariousness, reveling in his front-row seat at the parade of vices.’



/vɪˈkɛːrɪəsnəs/ /vʌɪˈkɛːrɪəsnəs/