Meaning of vice anglais in English:

vice anglais


humorous in singular
  • A vice considered characteristic of the English, especially the use of corporal punishment for the purpose of sexual stimulation.

    ‘Thus Hankey may, for all I know, single-handedly be responsible for the coining of the French term ‘le vice anglais’.’
    • ‘Not for nothing do the French refer to flagellation as ‘le vice anglais’.’
    • ‘Le vice anglais, for those who want to know, translates to The English Vice, and it's what many of the French dubbed BDSM and flagellation.’
    • ‘Humiliation, in the form of flagellation, has long been known as le vice anglais; now public humiliation has become part of mainstream culture, for entertainment.’
    • ‘And most French people will continue to talk smugly about binge drinking - they even use the same phrase - being just another vice anglais.’
    • ‘I especially recall it in 1979, the very peak year for sales of that special smoke, as well as for what smart circles used to call le vice anglais.’


vice anglais

/ˌviːs ɒŋˈɡleɪ/ /ˌviːs ɒ̃ˈɡleɪ/


French, literally ‘English vice’.