Meaning of vicegerency in English:


nounplural noun vicegerencies


See vicegerent

‘And the pursuit of this peace, balance, and justice lies at the core of submission to God, and the obligations of vicegerency.’
  • ‘In fact, the essence of vicegerency of earth demands progress in science and technology.’
  • ‘This margin of autonomy by virtue of vicegerency is the Islamic equivalent of popular sovereignty.’
  • ‘And on the other, it is the conscious acceptance of man's vicegerency on earth as ordained by Allah.’
  • ‘If the latter condition prevails, then vicegerency will be entrusted to a different people or generation.’
  • ‘This concept of vicegerency is what distinguishes Islam from other systems of thought in all spheres of life.’



/ˌvʌɪsˈdʒɛrənsi/ /ˌvʌɪsˈdʒɪərənsi/