Meaning of vicegerent in English:



  • 1 formal A person exercising delegated power on behalf of a sovereign or ruler.

    • ‘When Henry VIII finally became convinced that his vicegerent was a religious radical who was protecting Protestants secretly, he withdrew his support and allowed Cromwell to fall victim to his conservative opponents.’
    1. 1.1A person regarded as an earthly representative of God or a god, especially the Pope.
      ‘In an Islamic democracy every individual is a vicegerent of God and therefore has the legitimate authority to act in God's name.’
      • ‘We learnt Islam is not a burden, it is a natural way of life and by our willingness we can choose to be the vicegerent of Allah.’
      • ‘She is as respectable in the eyes of God as a man and equally shares the responsibility of being the vicegerent of God.’
      • ‘God is called Al-Sani in the Qur'an; He is the Creator, the Artist, the Supreme Artisan, and He has given us the power of creativity which we share because we are His khulafa, vicegerents on earth.’
      • ‘Although the Qur'an does not define the constituent elements of justice, it emphasizes the ability to achieve justice as a unique human charge and necessity - an obligation that falls on all of us in our capacity as vicegerents.’
      • ‘Because our spiritual nature was not intended to be a slave of that which is visible and tangible, but as children of God His vicegerents and image bearers, we were intended to have dominion over nature.’
      • ‘As Allah's vicegerents, surely, we should be foremost in efforts to protect our environment - in any manner that we might possibly do so.’
      • ‘The concept of tawhid or unity of Allah constitutes the ideological foundation of Islam and we are Allah's vicegerents on earth.’
      • ‘The integrity of the natural laws being guaranteed by Allah Himself, the maintenance of the moral laws, has been left to the initiative and active effort of His vicegerent on earth.’
      • ‘The first man on this planet, Adam, was a vicegerent and messenger of God.’
      • ‘And, with the help of the booty won from Palmyra, he attempted to establish the worship of Sol Invictus - with himself as this deity's chosen vicegerent - at the centre of Roman state religion.’
      • ‘He is vicegerent - above creation, but below God.’
      • ‘Adam named the creatures as God's vicegerent; heaven's rule and earth's joy comes together.’
      • ‘We made you a vicegerent in the earth so that you judge among people with truth, and follow not the passion that sways you away from the path of God.’



/ˌvʌɪsˈdʒɛrənt/ /ˌvʌɪsˈdʒɪərənt/


Mid 16th century from medieval Latin vicegerent- ‘(person) holding office’, from Latin vic- ‘office, place, turn’ + gerere ‘carry on, hold’.