Meaning of viceless in English:



See vice

‘Its main advantages were strength, ease of maintenance, and viceless flying qualities.’
  • ‘This 4.6 litre unit is a real Jekyll and Hyde performer - smooth and viceless at low rpm, and a real screamer up high.’
  • ‘A glance at the specifications shows that the performance was not spectacular, but the aircraft was completely viceless with respect to its flying and handling qualities.’
  • ‘The automatic gearbox takes the edge off some already blunt performance, but is otherwise pretty viceless.’
  • ‘I'd say the boat is virtually viceless and a treat to sail, handling like a big dinghy but stable like a larger boat, with a huge cockpit to match.’
  • ‘In the test vehicle, that exceptionally silky, viceless engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission, which isn't quite as good as the V - 6.’
  • ‘All in all, the NTV is a superb commute/despatch weapon, with viceless handling and enough ‘oomph’ to give a nasty shock to GTI drivers.’
  • ‘This allows far finer tuning, and also secures the wheels more accurately under all conditions - both aiding handling, which is safe, secure and viceless.’