Meaning of vichyssoise in English:


Pronunciation /ˌvɪʃɪˈswɑːz/


mass noun
  • A soup made with potatoes, leeks, and cream and typically served chilled.

    ‘After Helga's spiced up vichyssoise, Selina serves big portions of perfectly rare beef with peppery salad and home-made horseradish.’
    • ‘In tub two, serve up three favorite cold soups, such as gazpacho, vichyssoise, and iced tomato.’
    • ‘Pour a serving of vichyssoise into a shooter.’
    • ‘Your misinterpretation of vichyssoise ruined my Bar Mitzvah!’
    • ‘And she is saddled with a French accent so thick she sounds like she's swallowing vichyssoise every time she talks.’
    • ‘At €4.95 the chilled vichyssoise with oyster and basil was not only good value but a welcome tease with an old classic.’
    • ‘The water was like warm vichyssoise; thick with rich nutrients - and stinging nematocysts.’
    • ‘The least elegant was the vichyssoise, which had the bland, somewhat gummy consistency of whipped avocados.’
    • ‘Indeed, it is so well established that it is occasionally used as a generic term, e.g. in ‘a vichyssoise of parsnip and runner beans’.’
    • ‘Pour the vichyssoise into bowls and sprinkle with chopped chives.’


French (feminine) ‘of Vichy’ (see Vichy).