Meaning of vicinal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvɪsɪnl/


  • 1 rare Neighbouring; adjacent.

    adjacent, nearest, closest, next-door, next, adjoining, bordering, connecting, abutting, contiguous, proximate
    1. 1.1Chemistry Relating to or denoting substituents attached to adjacent atoms in a ring or chain.
      ‘The epoxide hydrolases are a family of enzymes that hydrate simple epoxide to vicinal diols and arene oxides to transdihydrodiols.’
      • ‘The latter are also called vicinal diols, or 1,2-diols.’
      • ‘The number of vicinal hydroxyl groups corresponds to the chemical and biological activity of the compound; thus kaempferol is often less active than quercetin and myricetin.’
      • ‘The analysis of the vicinal J couplings in aqueous solution gives us more direct information on the conformational problem, when we can observe the fine structures of the signals.’
      • ‘Therefore, we study the equilibrium partitioning of water molecules between the enzyme and its vicinal region and the bulk solution region, which will provide an overall picture of the solvent dependent enzyme hydration.’
      • ‘Dithiols were better reversal agents than monothiols, further suggesting that these inhibitors bind to the proposed vicinal sulfhydryls present on this enzyme.’
      • ‘Additional distinct extrema in the negative regime of energy signify vicinal pairs that are hydrogen bonded.’
      • ‘This unavoidable approximation is expected to provide good results, since a through-bond coupling between the vicinal protons at a fixed conformation mainly reflects the electronic state.’
      • ‘This suggests that a partially folded intermediate of HCA II self-assembles by both local unfolding and intermolecular docking of the intermediates vicinal to position 79.’
      • ‘To the C-tenninus of the recombinant proteins, two vicinal cysteins were added for subsequent single-molecule manipulation.’
      adjoining, neighbouring, neighbouring on, next door to, abutting, close to, near to, next to, by, close by, by the side of, bordering, bordering on, beside, alongside, abreast of, contiguous with, proximate to, attached to, touching, joining
  • 2(of a railway or road) serving a neighbourhood; local.


Early 17th century from French, or from Latin vicinalis, from vicinus ‘neighbour’.