Meaning of victimization in English:


Pronunciation /vɪktɪmʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/

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(British victimisation)
mass noun
  • The action of singling someone out for cruel or unjust treatment.

    ‘we should be able to speak up without fear of victimization’
    • ‘her plots frequently portray the victimization of women’
    • ‘approximately 54 percent of violent victimizations are not reported to the police’
    • ‘It is the story of their forced migration and victimisation.’
    • ‘Their airs of passivity and wearied victimization are part of their obsessive rerunning of the past.’
    • ‘He reproduces that fundamental conflict between power and victimization underlying the social identity Wilde had come to inhabit.’
    • ‘Both novels focus on the desolation of a family trapped in the quagmire of poverty, victimization, and oppression in the Harlem ghetto.’
    • ‘Rates of violent victimizations began to increase sharply late in the 1980s, with peaks occurring in 1992 and 1993.’