Meaning of victimizer in English:



(also British victimiser)

See victimize

‘And he seems to me to believe, finally, that the only really satisfactory ‘consequences’ are the ones victims get to inflict on victimizers, not the consequences God inflicts.’
  • ‘I was referring to citizens of a militarized state, both its victims and its victimizers.’
  • ‘To preserve the division of the world into victims and victimizers, therefore, it is intellectually imperative to keep migrants in a state of the most complete dependence possible.’
  • ‘So, despite its political implications, The Circle is not a work of propaganda in which shrinking victims are pitted against bold-faced victimizers.’
  • ‘But I wanted them to realize that mercy without justice is a sickening evil unto itself, one that corrodes the souls of victims and victimizers alike.’