Meaning of Victoria plum in English:

Victoria plum



  • A plum of a large red dessert variety.

    ‘There are still strawberries, late and ripe, to go with the wild blackberries; Victoria plums and damsons are easy enough to find and even the odd greengage or two.’
    • ‘I have quinces, which are doing badly, but growing nearby are Victoria plums and apples of every kind which never fail.’
    • ‘Good marketing rather than inherent distinction assured the fame of the Victoria plum when it was first sold in 1844.’
    • ‘The Victoria plum produced a grand total of four plums, but they were very tasty!’
    • ‘Partly because it had a deep purple tinge to it (the colour of over-ripe Victoria plums).’
    • ‘They are the size of Victoria plums with the wine-dark colour of heaven.’
    • ‘When and how should I prune my Victoria plum tree?’
    • ‘They may have eaten a Victoria plum, though I doubt they'll have gnawed on a Russet.’
    • ‘It could be something specific, Victoria plum skins or green apples.’
    • ‘It includes fresh cream of tomato soup or prawn cocktail, traditional roast turkey or leg of pork with many luscious trimmings and Victoria plum crumble or blueberry pie.’