Meaning of victoriousness in English:



See victorious

‘The impact of victoriousness tremors magnanimously to stir the linens of reality and the visual records thereof.’
  • ‘The expressions for the victoriousness, during the time of the final preparation for the jubilee, were solidarity and austerity.’
  • ‘Heiligendamm takes its name - ‘holy dam’ - from parables which seek to mark the victoriousness of Christianity and, it might be added, do so as the theological rendition of borders, specifically the borders of a Western, Christian Europe.’
  • ‘I wish that I win the debate and that he realises that Wellington is better than Napoleon, revels in British victoriousness with me, and nothing unfortunate in the least happens to either of us.’
  • ‘They push themselves so intensely that when they succeed the feeling is one of invincibility and victoriousness so strong that they are tempted to start singing out Eye of the Tiger in their homeroom AP Government class.’
  • ‘Watching the emotional roller coaster he sends both Shiori and Jury on - ultimately to hurt Shiori and help (if painfully) Jury - it's hard to notice a major part of his plan, which is to observe Utena and the nature of her victoriousness.’