Meaning of victory roll in English:

victory roll


  • 1A roll performed by an aircraft as a sign of triumph, typically after a successful mission.

    ‘‘I did a victory roll at the top,’ the 62-year-old Melvill joked from atop the spaceship after it glided safely to a landing.’
    • ‘A replica of the first Bulgarian aircraft, the DAR - 1, from 1926, did a victory roll.’
    • ‘Instead, he came in on the deck and pulled up in the frequently done victory roll over the runway, with anti-aircraft fire following him.’
    • ‘‘Perform three victory rolls,’ growled Madruk to his pilot.’
    • ‘And then there were the cheeky Spits doing their victory rolls.’
    • ‘It was stirring stuff as Charlie Brown put the historic fighter through its paces - doing loop-the-loops and victory rolls.’
    • ‘Mr Henshaw ended his 30-minute flight with a loop-the-loop and a string of victory rolls.’
  • 2A large curl of hair created by rolling a section back from the face and securing it to the top of the head, especially popular as a way of styling the hair in the 1940s.

    ‘glamorous young women with victory rolls in their hair’
    • ‘she's often rocking a retro victory roll’
    • ‘As war drew to a close, women adopted the victory Roll.’
    • ‘Her hair is styled with a victory Roll.’
    • ‘They wear gloves, hats, and sometimes wigs if they haven't had a chance to set their bright red hair into victory rolls or finger waves.’
    • ‘Aside from the amazing hair accessories and victory rolls, these ladies had one gorgeous feature in common: a sexy, drawn-out cat eye.’
    • ‘A victory roll updo works best on unwashed hair, which has more grip.’
    • ‘Every morning Christine sits at her Edwardian dressing table and fixes her hair in classic 1940s victory rolls.’
    • ‘Twist the front sections of your hair into coils for a 1940s-inspired victory-roll look that will instantly add glamour to any outfit.’
    • ‘Glamorous young women with classic victory rolls in their hair touch up their lipstick.’
    • ‘His date, lips popping red, long blonde hair pulled into victory rolls, would have fit in when the Eagle was a fly boy hangout.’
    • ‘They demonstrated how to create and set perfect pin curls and how to style them into a glamorous victory roll.’