Meaning of Victrola in English:


Pronunciation /vɪkˈtrəʊlə/


  • A kind of gramophone used particularly in the 1920s and 1930s.

    ‘He brings with him two things that will change the lives of everyone in town forever: a Victrola with recordings of the German opera Der Korb, and a basketball.’
    • ‘The TVs are black and white with a circular picture tube; the record players have big horns like ancient Victrolas.’
    • ‘Next to that was a beeswax casting of a phonograph horn from an old Victrola.’
    • ‘They gathered around the horns of their Victrolas, leaning with their ears cocked like Victor's spokesdog, Nipper.’
    • ‘Won't they vanish just like the vile, lacquered smoke from a burning pile of junked Victrolas?’
    • ‘The medium can be anything: your own voice, an old Victrola, a radio, a CD player, or an up-to-the-moment MP3 player.’
    • ‘As Laura crouches near the Victrola, not looking at her mother, Amanda calls Tom into the living room to congratulate him on his joke.’
    • ‘Any excuse, dear reader, to stay home and crank up the Victrola.’
    • ‘But even they can't save a body of work that looks as antiquated today as a wind-up Victrola.’
    • ‘Soon I was hunting for the Holy Grail: a genuine spring-wound Victrola.’


Early 20th century from the name of the Victor Talking Machine Company + -ola (as in pianola).