Meaning of vid in English:



short for video
‘I've got it on vid now’
short for video
  • ‘I've only got the vid, as DVDs are still about £18 or so over here…’
  • ‘Satellite vid shows high deposits of titanium and gold.’
  • ‘Some copies come with a right spesh DVD with all the band's promo vids, a bunch of short films and live odds & ends.’
  • ‘So maybe you feed on punk-rockin surf vids and only venture to the movies to see monster action films?’
  • ‘The vid's very good quality, although the sound and picture do seem to be out of sync with one another - possibly this is a video card problem?’
  • ‘Have you seen the picture of Eddie Izzard on the cover of the new vid?’
  • ‘A better use of the visual medium would have been to include an interview vid or some such, as a bonus.’
  • ‘‘We can be sure he was here,’ Stone had said as she was preparing to leave, ‘We might even be able to find him on the vids.’’
  • ‘I thought watching good-byes on the vids was hard.’
  • ‘Yeah, here you go, Disney is in that corner, Adult vids are in that dark dingy one.’