Meaning of video amplifier in English:

video amplifier


  • A device designed to amplify the wide range of frequencies present in video signals and deliver the signal to the picture tube of a television set.

    ‘I saw numerous happy owners online touting how great their 34HD82s were treating them, even without a wideband video amplifier.’
    • ‘The heat sink capacitance of the video amplifier output transistor is screened out via bootstrapping.’
    • ‘The A733 is a monolithic two-stage video amplifier with differential inputs and differential outputs.’
    • ‘Comes with cables, power supply, video amplifier, easy instructions and 1 year manufacturers warranty.’
    • ‘The bandwidth of the video amplifier is not really adequate and so some more work may need to be done in that area.’
    • ‘The circuitry is exactly the same as that used on the J-PAC and uses a high-bandwidth video amplifier chip.’
    • ‘This will include the proper high bandwidth video amplifiers and termination.’
    • ‘If you can, bypass the video amplifier and connect the notebook directly to the projector with a single cable and see if you can get it to work.’
    • ‘This is safe, and sets the gain of the video amplifier to 1.’
    • ‘This video amplifier can be implemented when the signal delivered by the video camera is too weak, due to poor light conditions.’