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video chat

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  • A face-to-face conversation held over the internet by means of webcams and dedicated software.

    ‘both sons are now in China, and she often has video chats with them when she is in New York’
    • ‘He hit a button to initiate a video chat.’
    • ‘Once that step has helped to single out the best candidates, the service arranges a live video chat.’
    • ‘In fact, this may have been the first successful video chat between two small planes using everyday hardware.’
    • ‘He is planning a video chat with his mum tonight.’
    • ‘You should put a check in the box next to "Repeat ring" so you will be alerted when invited to an audio or video chat.’
    • ‘Turn your next instant message into a live video chat with the integrated webcam, omni directional microphone and an IM solution.’
    • ‘In a nutshell, this would allow you to look directly at your screen and the person on the other end of a video chat instead of looking like your eyes were cast down.’
    • ‘Picture quality is good enough for a video chat, even in poor lighting conditions, though Desktop movie makers may find it lacking for their purposes.’
    • ‘This is plenty for a video chat, but if you were thinking of using the device's video capability for something more sophisticated you might be disappointed.’
    • ‘The last time I spent the summer in Mississippi she was just four months old and when William arrived to pick us up she didn't recognize him at first so we're hoping the video chat will help with that.’
    • ‘Imagine having a four person video chat on your phone?’
    • ‘You're wrapping up your third Skype video chat for the day and ready to break for lunch, which has just arrived.’
    • ‘It shows a little girl sitting on her parent's lap during a video chat with her grandparents in Israel.’
    • ‘It also comes with a 1.3-megapixel webcam for video chats.’
    • ‘We're talking some clear DVD-quality video with twice the frames of typical video chats that can go totally full screen without degradation.’
    • ‘And with a little help from modern technology, I'll be holding live online video chats this week starting Monday.’
    • ‘Tip: When participating in audio or video chats only the person who starts the call can add more people.’
    • ‘As well as online games, video chats and video-on-demand have proved popular.’
    • ‘It's about a firefighter who can download the design of a burning building onto a handheld device; a student who can take classes with a digital textbook; or a patient who can have face-to-face video chats with her doctor.’
    • ‘It won't have a still camera facing outbound, but will have a movie-grade camera facing the user for video chats.’

verbverb video-chats, verb video-chatting, verb video-chatted

(also video-chat)
[no object]
  • Take part in a video chat.

    ‘I video-chat with my parents in Hawaii about once a week’
    • ‘Now the other 95% of the IM world can video chat.’
    • ‘I can't keep count of the times I could video chat with one person, and they could video chat with each other, but I couldn't chat with the other.’
    • ‘Given enough bandwidth, you could video chat with a coworker live in real-time while watching a corporate webcast and sharing supporting links on the topics being discussed.’
    • ‘However, I have at least two other daughters that have phones that may be able to video chat, but won't because of this limitation.’
    • ‘You'll know when they can potentially video chat with you, and you can leave video messages for friends that don't answer their phone.’
    • ‘Skype allows me to video chat with my daughter a couple of times a week while she is in Australia.’
    • ‘Just like your personal computer, you can video chat with friends and family or in this case colleagues.’
    • ‘The bottom line is that the scam does not let the user video chat at all, but simply entices them to fill out a number of surveys.’
    • ‘Winners of the contests will get the opportunity to video-chat with the film's celebrities.’
    • ‘They're either video-chatting, doing their homework or reading.’
    • ‘I've been video-chatting with Alec a lot these past few days, and am feeling everyone else deserves visual treats too.’
    • ‘"This is going to change the way we communicate with each other," Jobs said as he demonstrated the program by "video-chatting" with a friend standing within view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.’
    • ‘The proliferation of cam sites (where you can video-chat with a live model compounded the industry's problems.’