Meaning of video diary in English:

video diary



  • A series of video recordings made by an individual over a period of time, focusing on their experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

    ‘And the project will be recorded as a video diary.’
    • ‘I've decided to record a video diary of my thoughts and feelings on the coming year.’
    • ‘The scheme, run with help from members of Westhoughton Community Learning Group, will record the progress of the project through a video diary.’
    • ‘Inside the stadium, Hughes met such luminaries as Dermot Desmond and the BBC's Chick Young, and recorded it all on a video diary.’
    • ‘Videos were released to TV stations giving a video diary of the the kidnapping.’
    • ‘Unlike the written diary, composed and read by individual, isolated subjects, other people in addition to the diarist often participate in the production of a video diary.’
    • ‘The images of the video diary later inspired ‘Invisible Light.’’
    • ‘Rory Culkin stars as Sam, an amiable kid who's bullied at school by George, an overweight boy whose loneliness manifests itself in a video diary.’
    • ‘One survivor kept a video diary of his nightmare, seen first on CNN's ‘SITUATION ROOM.’’