Meaning of videogram in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvɪdɪəʊɡram/


  • A pre-recorded video of a film or television programme.

    ‘In terms of the visual, the illustrated book edition published by Gallimard in Paris is even more inviting: no sound, only the French text (with a few omissions), but the full stream of videograms.’
    • ‘In other words, a program rating code is not separately recorded but markings attached on a video recording medium by a manufacturer of a videogram are used as a program rating code.’
    • ‘The remuneration for private copying of videograms shall belong in equal parts to the authors within the meaning of this Code, the performers and the producers.’
    • ‘This arguably is the highlight of the videogram as it has the most beautiful footage of Olivia swimming with the dolphins.’
    • ‘The exploitation of videograms by a non-Canadian service agent excludes any other type of exploitation of the production such as theatrical distribution or broadcast on television.’
    • ‘My videograms are created with a Philips videocam.’
    • ‘Since 1999 ZPAV has been representing the producers of phonograms and music videograms before enforcement and judicial authorities in cases related to fighting phonographic piracy.’
    • ‘These videograms will stream if you are using Windows 95 and up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer 3 and Active Movie or Netscape with an MPEG plug-in.’
    • ‘The term ‘videogram’ refers to materials used in the medium of video, or the analog electronic technology for recording still or moving images, usually combined with sound.’
    • ‘Get your hooks here, and with this license you'll have the ability to manufacture, distribute, AND re-license your song to film, TV and videogram productions.’