Meaning of videotape in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvɪdɪə(ʊ)teɪp/

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mass noun
  • 1Magnetic tape for recording and reproducing visual images and sound.

    ‘film can be copied on to videotape’
    • ‘videotape machines’
    • ‘The images and sound from videotape are hugely inferior to DVD.’
    • ‘The images were selected from continuous videotape recordings.’
    • ‘Thus, his memory of Lisa is mediated by this black-and-white videotape recording which includes significantly the off-screen presence of Christina.’
    • ‘But no, here I am in a dark room with a video machine and videotape.’
    • ‘Students devised a scenario for a new horror film, on the basis of which they then produced a video cover and an opening sequence of still images dubbed onto videotape with a soundtrack.’
    • ‘The cephalad-axial velocities of the individual disks were recorded on videotape from a portable image intensifier unit.’
    • ‘She was freshly made-up and her hair was neatly styled, presenting a sharp contrast to the tired, ill images of her on videotape while she was still a captive.’
    • ‘In fluoroscopy, a moving picture of the body is seen as the test is performed and is recorded on videotape or as still images.’
    • ‘You know, creepy images on videotape and icky looking kids lurking in the back blackness of the frame.’
    • ‘There are six videotape machines, a digital server, 44 monitors and the ability to run 48 different inputs.’
    • ‘If there are eight videotape machines with four channels of audio, that's 32 channels to record.’
    • ‘The final formats produced are on VHS videotape and DVD.’
    • ‘After all, the Beta vs. VHS videotape war wasn't so long ago.’
    • ‘Many Southern productions have been lost, and the videotapes re-used, as was customary in those days of very expensive blank videotape on big open reel machines.’
    • ‘The standard supports video coding with quality roughly equivalent to VHS videotape.’
    • ‘The first step would be to transfer images shot on videotape on to film tape.’
    • ‘The 12-part series, available on videotape or DVD, addresses the issues that everyone's talking about.’
    • ‘The audio segments were recorded onto videotape, with a blank visual field showing on the screen, in order to standardize the presentation of all segments.’
    • ‘It is also my intention that support materials, both in writing and on DVD or videotape will come to fruition as a result of this annual event.’
    • ‘Apparently it didn't matter whether the image on the screen was from videotape, or live.’
    recording, cassette, tape recording
    1. 1.1count noun A videocassette.
      ‘videotapes played in separate screening room’
      • ‘Fighting for Your Marriage is available with audiocassettes or videotapes.’
      • ‘Do you have like the Gameboys or any video games, a lot of videotapes, some DVDs?’
      • ‘The walls were lined with shelves holding videotapes and DVDS.’
      • ‘Soon I was at Fox's ranch in Guanajuato, popping videotapes into a VCR on his dining room table.’
      • ‘People hawk pirated videotapes, DVDs, and even mobile phone calls, charging pennies a minute.’
      • ‘Likewise we have £2,000 of LPs and cassettes and £1,000 of videotapes, most of which we could not replace in the same media.’
      • ‘There were pictures on the walls, a few bookshelves, and a desk with a laptop on it, and a small television on top of a shelf with videotapes and DVDs underneath.’
      • ‘Anyone can understand the need for a VCR - you can rent videotapes and do time-shifting.’
      • ‘Films made on videotapes or digitally cannot be entered for any national award, not yet, as the rules stand today.’
      • ‘Someone cranks up a pair of ancient machines capable of playing videotapes and DVDs.’
      • ‘A number of education videotapes also are available through the AORN perioperative nursing videotape library.’
      • ‘The videotapes were duplicated, packaged and mailed by Rank Video Services America of Deerfield, Illinois.’
      • ‘Earlier this week a Fox News cameraman was briefly detained and had his videotape confiscated as he filmed a traffic stop near the Pentagon.’
      • ‘For example, speaking a quick word in Russian would have been effective, though that would have been recorded on the videotape, and could have been discovered later.’
      • ‘In no cases did callers and participants disagree, nor did their reports differ from those recorded on the videotape, which was examined later.’
      • ‘Their guesses were recorded on the videotape before they picked up the phone.’
      • ‘Officials say their preliminary view is that the videotape was not recorded recently.’
      • ‘All studies were recorded on a videotape and were interpreted independently by two experienced observers.’
      • ‘The whole experiment was recorded on an S-VHS videotape for postanalysis.’
      • ‘But I guess they found the videotape and then decided to sell it.’


another term for video
‘his arrest was videotaped’
  • ‘He was so superior to his task that it was like Steven Spielberg videotaping a kid's birthday party.’
  • ‘The project will begin in earnest later this year, with three ethnographers tracking and videotaping one family every other week.’
  • ‘They then slap some makeup on the girls and begin videotaping them.’
  • ‘The characters did nothing except make cynical comments while videotaping a carjacking.’
  • ‘He also stressed the importance of videotaping the sessions of those you are testing.’
  • ‘They sat us around in their little studio and began to hold an impromptu press conference that they videotaped.’
  • ‘We videotaped all the auditions so that later in the production, we were able to cast supporting roles from our earlier principal readings.’
  • ‘The panel discussion will be videotaped for inclusion in the Cable Center archives.’
  • ‘The wedding ceremony was videotaped, but no video has so far been released.’
  • ‘And we videotaped your first rehearsal so that you could remember what it was like to be dreadful.’
  • ‘All strokes are videotaped underwater with video analysis of campers' strokes.’
  • ‘These reenactments were videotaped and the videos were played in court.’
  • ‘From the article itself, we learn that Corwin interviewed Jane three times as a child, videotaping the interviews.’
  • ‘Baird videotaped the reading and told Schull to expect a call in about a month.’
  • ‘We audiotaped, videotaped, and transcribed the focus group sessions.’
  • ‘If you are caught videotaping a film, you can get up to three years in prison, six if it is a second offence.’
  • ‘Deborah Warner's impressive National Theatre production was videotaped for television in 1996.’
  • ‘Fortunately, they've now begun videotaping the proceedings, editing it down to an hour of highlights and airing it on The Sundance Channel each night.’
  • ‘Both use techniques such as videotaping, audiotaping, and role playing.’
  • ‘Presentations may be live, videotaped, or transmitted via video from another location.’
  • ‘Grab a camcorder, and videotape birthday wishes ahead of time from each guest.’