Meaning of viewing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈvjuːɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1The action of inspecting or looking at something.

    ‘the owner may allow viewing by appointment’
    • ‘Researchers soon realized that these shafts allowed for viewing of the stars, consistent with the Ancient Egyptian beliefs that some of their gods and dead pharaohs exist in the sky as stars.’
    • ‘They are on the market for the princely sum of £1.4 million and £1.6 million respectively and were open to public viewing on Saturday.’
    • ‘The results of the water quality tests carried out on samples taken from the strand area on April 23 are to be posted up for public viewing at Tramore Strand.’
    • ‘He acknowledged that the club's proposals were bound to generate mixed opinions, but hoped concerns would lessen once the plans are available for public viewing.’
    • ‘The request was denied, although the personal financial information in Kelly's affidavit was protected from public viewing.’
    • ‘The draft CDP for the city will go on display for public viewing from July 11 after technical snags stopped the earlier schedule.’
    • ‘Josh, I've only viewed lawmaking from afar, but the idea of opening up bills to public viewing seems problematic.’
    • ‘To create an image suitable for public viewing, the scientists send the FITS files over to a public outreach team.’
    • ‘I'm still pretty beat after all of the shenanigans of the long weekend, but wanted to post so as to allow viewing of the new template.’
    • ‘The new Community Park dressing rooms were open for public viewing on St. Patrick's Day.’
    • ‘The money will be spent on a variety of things with priority given to projects such as to provide full details of planning proposals for public viewing via the website.’
    • ‘The centre will feature a café, education and exhibition space and covered viewing areas for the public to see the livestock market in full swing.’
    • ‘On Monday, August 26th the new website will be made available for public viewing and usage.’
    • ‘The aircraft was first rolled out for public viewing in 1996 when it was externally complete.’
    • ‘The remaining five ostriches have now been put in an open enclosure for public viewing.’
    • ‘It will include a canoe run, fish pass, changing and training facility and public viewing areas.’
    • ‘The BDA plans to display large maps and zonal regulations contained in this CDP at a central location for public viewing.’
    • ‘Contact Neilsons Property Department on 0131-316 4444 for a schedule and note that viewing is by appointment only.’
    • ‘Auctioneers are ERA McCormack, Kennedy Street, Carlow and viewing is by appointment only.’
    • ‘The title is freehold and viewing is strictly by appointment through Sothern Auctioneers Limited.’
    1. 1.1The action of watching something on television.
      ‘the film is quite unsuitable for family viewing’
      • ‘The culture of television viewing is changing.’
      • ‘Forty percent of all television viewing is now to ad-supported cable, according to industry representatives.’
      • ‘But surely, there are other reasons for the correlation between television viewing and violence.’
      • ‘In older children, excessive television viewing has been shown to negatively affect school performance.’
      • ‘Newspapers and television viewing are largely proscribed and inmates are often unable to contact their families for months.’
      • ‘Normal television viewing will probably minimize some of these issues.’
      • ‘Now, a lot of that drives television viewing and internet use.’
      • ‘Privileges such as television viewing should be rewards for chores completed.’
      • ‘The BBC claim that their viewing figures will be low if the game kicks off early on that Saturday.’
      • ‘The furor over last year's show revealed how very confused we've become over what's acceptable viewing on television these days.’
      • ‘At the same time, activity levels dropped with study participants indicating television viewing is their primary leisure-time activity.’
      • ‘In home viewing, the television's cuts and close-ups filter off superfluous action and train your attention on stage.’
      • ‘Since then my television viewing has never risen past one-fifth what it once was.’
      • ‘I found the first film to get a little migraine inducing in repeat viewings, a little too clever for its own good at times.’
      • ‘Enigmatic and difficult on a first pass, Hiroshima Mon Amour is a film that rewards multiple viewings.’
      • ‘The film stands up to and even demands repeated viewings, and that makes it the perfect candidate for purchase.’
      • ‘I'm not sure how it will hold up to repeat viewings, but I've seen it twice now and laughed out loud both times.’
      • ‘Fascinating and enhanced with a great soundtrack, this DVD is affordably priced and suited to many viewings.’
      • ‘Is there some sort of aversion therapy involving repeated viewings of American Beauty that I need to do?’
      • ‘The episodes offer little that is compelling enough for repeat viewings.’
      • ‘Times have changed and what stunned us forty years ago just doesn't hold up after a couple viewings of Fight Club.’
      • ‘Admiration for technique and craftsmanship deepens on subsequent viewings.’
      • ‘I am quite sure that a dozen viewings are not enough to catch everything.’
    2. 1.2count noun An opportunity to see something, especially works of art.
      ‘a private viewing of the paintings’
      • ‘Receptions and dinners with private viewings of exhibits can be organised.’
      • ‘You can see how the light changes or how you react to it on second or third viewings.’
      • ‘It has a small stable of artists from Britain, France, Poland and Ireland who will sell their work through private viewings.’
      • ‘His paintings tell a story, with their depth and subtlety continuing to satisfy and inspire after countless viewings.’
      • ‘At evening viewings, comfortable cushions and blankets are placed on the lounge chairs.’
      • ‘A thick curtain of dried palm raffia obscured the facade of the shrine; this barrier is removed to allow public viewing only at certain moments on festival days.’
      • ‘It has allowed a last public viewing on January 31 before the bulldozers roll in.’
      • ‘To mark her dedication, the trust is displaying her portrait for public viewing in the Gilbert Scott Gallery at the infirmary.’
      • ‘There will be a public reception on August 10, but until then viewing is by appointment only.’
      • ‘The statue will be open for public viewing between 5 p. m. and 10 p. m.’
      • ‘The treasures of the Mansion House will be open to public viewing by residents of York in the ‘Residents First’ weekend next Saturday and Sunday.’
      • ‘As efforts to halt the decline of Crystal Palace Park continue, a collection of rare photographs from its glory days have been released for public viewing.’
      • ‘The exhibit will be open for public viewing from Sunday, July 11 through Saturday July 17 from 12 pm to 5pm daily.’
      • ‘Nor is it adequate to cast her photographs simply as social history, or worse, to allow their viewing to be productive of an easy nostalgia.’
      • ‘The coming month will see the first public viewing of work by a new generation of Scottish artists as art schools send their final year students into the big wide world.’
      • ‘The exhibition is on show throughout April, but viewing is by appointment only.’
      • ‘While online viewing doesn't allow you to examine the tactile nature of the prints, it presents a good opportunity to view a wide variety of work in a short period of time.’
      • ‘All the artists are local and take pride in making their work available for public viewing in the town.’