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Pronunciation /vʌɪn/

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  • 1A climbing or trailing woody-stemmed plant related to the grapevine.

    Vitis and other genera, family Vitaceae

    ‘Most of the vines are white grape varieties thought to be likely to fare better in the Scarborough climate.’
    • ‘Most are vines or climbing plants, but some are herbs as well.’
    • ‘Like its cultivated successors, the wild vine is a climbing plant which needs to grow up some support.’
    • ‘You don't say when you planted the vines, but if they had not had time to take hold, the dry spring and early summer may have been a factor.’
    • ‘The vines are related to the Serbian Smederevka variety and the plant produces large copper coloured fruit.’
    • ‘He wrote another book about the ways plants grow and climb, and he worked out that the tendril climbers, like the vine or the passionflower, are the most evolved.’
    • ‘You can plant your vine to climb a trellis, arbor, pergola, or fence.’
    • ‘It is best to plant a vine at least 12 inches away from a house foundation.’
    • ‘Plant quick-growing vines, such as morning glory or hyacinth bean, around the outside of the lattice.’
    • ‘He was a vine of the Lord's planting, a choice vine, a noble vine, wholly good.’
    • ‘Cut three or four grapevine lengths, depending on the thickness of the vine for each pumpkin as a handle.’
    • ‘However, crown gall of vines lives inside the vine itself and so is spread at planting.’
    • ‘The couple planted the 5,100 vines with their own hands on land where raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and other soft fruit grew.’
    • ‘Actually the first vines planted in Orange were Merlot.’
    • ‘She also warned vine growers that certain grape varieties may also freeze.’
    • ‘Growers are making their own wine, or planting superior vines for their quality rather than for the quantity they will deliver.’
    • ‘The large marble fireplace, which was engraved with the images of climbing vines, still retained its blackened cinders.’
    • ‘Yet wine is an inescapable part of the landscape too, ever since the Spanish conquistadores started planting their first vines in the 16th century.’
    • ‘When the Romans first planted vines here, beehives were everywhere.’
    climbing plant, trailing plant
    1. 1.1Used in names of climbing or trailing plants of other families, e.g. Russian vine.
      ‘Moon vine has earned its name from the way its flowers gleam in the moonlight or any other type of reflected light.’
      • ‘The aim of this work was to assess the fertility and breeding potential of the triploid and aneuploid hybrids with a view to developing an improved vine cactus crop.’
      • ‘In addition to these, a laceleaf Japanese maple, a vine maple, blue oat grass, and other ornamentals cover the berm.’
      • ‘I have planted a Russian vine with supporting trellis to screen the view from the climbing frame and trampoline.’
    2. 1.2The slender stem of a trailing or climbing plant.
      ‘the vines of a vast wisteria’
      • ‘Many species of native shrubs, vines and herbaceous plants were observed along hedgerows.’
      • ‘Plant a clematis vine 2 to 3 feet away from your climbing rose and train them to grow together for an extended flowering display.’
      • ‘All the surrounding high-rises are screened out with clematis and honeysuckle vines on the perimeter fence.’
      • ‘She plants tender climbing vines such as wisteria and sweet peas so they can cling to the warm stone walls.’
      • ‘At the base of each leg she planted seeds for morning glory vines.’
      • ‘Create privacy screens by planting fast-growing annual vines up trellises around your patio.’
      • ‘Although often banished to the suburban mailbox, vines are wonderfully versatile plants.’
      • ‘Drive them into the soil near the base of a plant and the vines instinctively latch onto them.’
      • ‘Plant vines along a chain link fence to soften the look and add privacy to your garden.’
      • ‘Make a bamboo or twig tepee for your kids, and cover it with an annual vine such as scarlet runner bean.’
      • ‘You could do this with a vine such as Carolina jessamine or Confederate jasmine.’
      • ‘The spider plants spilled their vines over the window sill, green and golden in the evening light, then turning grey as it grew darker.’
      • ‘Honeysuckle vines and climbing roses nearly conceal the fence, but like a lace curtain, allow light and air to pass.’
      • ‘Snapdragon vine, a plant with arrowhead-shaped leaves and dark red or bluish purple flowers with a yellow center, scrambles over some of the shrubs.’
      • ‘Fast growing vines like hops or scarlet runner beans do the job in record time.’
      • ‘At the rear of the garden is a large lily pool, backed with a pergola laden with gnarled wisteria vines.’
      • ‘The large pendulous flower clusters of the wisteria vine are quite appealing to butterflies in late spring.’
      • ‘She simply inserts the pins in the soil so they straddle the ivy vine and keep it headed the right direction.’
      • ‘And poison ivy vines grow so muscular I mistook them for the reaching arms of big oak trees.’
      • ‘Petunias, vinca vine, blue lobelia and alyssum all filled out quickly to cover the box.’
  • 2vinesUS informal Clothes.

    • ‘the hip got their vines at Wolmuth's on Market Street’


Middle English from Old French, from Latin vinea ‘vineyard, vine’, from vinum ‘wine’.