Meaning of vintage car in English:

vintage car

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  • An old style or model of car, specifically one made between 1919 and 1930.

    Compare with veteran car

    ‘The cost of hiring a vintage car or stretch limo for the big day tends to vary from company to company.’
    • ‘Motoring and marine enthusiasts will also be able to enjoy a number of displays on the day, including a vintage car display, model boat display and classic motorcycle display.’
    • ‘Further entertainment was provided by a display of vintage cars, motor cycles and static engines and other diversions which attracted a large crowd.’
    • ‘There were no doubts as to the amount of work that goes into to maintain a vintage car or a jeep in running condition.’
    • ‘But now, certain models were almost considered to be vintage cars.’
    • ‘There were also 140 vintage cars, including some rare models, on show.’
    • ‘An undertaker with a passion for vintage cars has introduced the country's first white Rolls Royce hearse to his fleet.’
    • ‘There will be classic and vintage cars, racing cars, go-carts, bikes, trucks, service vehicles and just about anything else with wheels.’
    • ‘With an increasing number of vintage cars, tractors and motor-bikes taking part each year each rally has become more successful than the last.’
    • ‘Recently a host of old farm implements, vintage cars and motorcycles, bric-a-brac and engines were on display in the village.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the Market Place was humming with a busy car boot sale, with many admiring the vintage cars on display.’
    • ‘Both were vintage car lovers and owners of vintage cars and they both attended events all over the midlands.’
    • ‘Vintage car enthusiasts will enjoy the vintage car rally at 3.30 pm on Saturday.’
    • ‘The performances are seamless, the sets and clothing and vintage cars authentic-looking for the period, and the spirit of the age, the carefree and careless attitude of the English upper classes, is captured perfectly.’
    • ‘There are scenes of village fêtes, family Christmases, summer holidays, sporting events, vintage cars, steam railways, church bazaars and early gatherings of the Edinburgh Festival.’
    • ‘I like to watch the vintage cars and the falconry.’
    • ‘As well as an assortment of colourful floats the line-up will include brass bands, Morris men, traditional dancers and vintage cars as well as local civic dignitaries.’
    • ‘She wanted choirs, church bells, a lady singing whilst we signed the register, vintage cars, bridesmaids galore and tier upon tier of perfectly sculpted cake.’
    • ‘It looks like an act of vandalism, the equivalent of sending a collection of vintage cars to the breaker's yard just because they don't meet modern emission standards.’
    • ‘He boasts ownership of ‘congas, washboards, harmonica and guitar’, the way other movie stars boast of owning vintage cars.’