Meaning of viraemia in English:


Pronunciation /vʌɪˈriːmɪə/


(also viremia)
mass nounMedicine
  • The presence of viruses in the blood.

    ‘uncontrolled virus proliferation leads to chronic viraemia’
    • ‘Infection is often subclinical, manifested as asymptomatic viremia or shedding of virus in the respiratory tract or urine.’
    • ‘By the time the rash or polyarthropathy presents in immunocompetent patients, viremia has cleared and the presence of serum antibodies confirms the diagnosis.’
    • ‘Immunocompromised patients may have persistent viremia, larger lesions, purpura, and systemic involvement.’
    • ‘Secondary replication occurs in the liver and spleen, with secondary viremia leading to viral invasion of the dermal capillaries and epidermis.’
    • ‘In these cases, viremia was assessed by virus culture in serum and lung tissues at necropsy.’


1940s from virus+ -aemia.