Meaning of virality in English:


Pronunciation /vʌɪˈralɪti/


mass noun
  • The tendency of an image, video, or piece of information to be circulated rapidly and widely from one internet user to another; the quality or fact of being viral.

    ‘new metrics will allow marketeers to better assess the virality of their campaigns’
    • ‘In sum, the golden age of Facebook game virality is over with these changes.’
    • ‘Unsurprisingly, this aggressive approach to virality has caused something of a backlash online.’
    • ‘The virality of the site is a hint that there are good number people who are ready to unplug.’
    • ‘The issue is with the implied value judgment that if an operating system is observed to spread because of virality, then it must be inferior on other axes.’
    • ‘After the ridiculous virality of the campaign I am becoming convinced that there has been some kind of soul/satan exchange going on.’
    • ‘That isn't necessarily true; it may be the case that virality is correlated with design traits that make it a better bet in the long term - like, say, open source.’
    • ‘Ours is the age of virality: viral education, viral marketing, viral e-mail and video and networking.’
    • ‘The bare functional core of any major Website‥can be yours for about $20,000. The rest of the value is locked in with the unquantifiables—the buzz, the virality, the self-perpetuating magic.’
    • ‘We investigated the virality of almost 7000 articles from one of the world’s most popular newspapers.’
    • ‘The virality of content determines how successful that content is going to be in the broader Web.’
    • ‘Everyone in social media knows that virality is the number one metric to track if you want to be a success.’
    • ‘The way you make your luck in the Web 2.0 world is through virality.’