Meaning of virgin comb in English:

virgin comb


  • A honeycomb that has been used only once for honey and never for storing eggs.

    ‘Are those of us using checker-boarding and unlimited brood nest, sacrificing having the truly exquisite honey that can only come from virgin comb?’
    • ‘Our Royal Extract gel decanter is adorned with a gold bee button to denote two of its essential ingredients - virgin comb honey and Royal Jelly.’
    • ‘How simple it was in days of yore when a fresh swarm hived at the "lime tree bud bursting" season produced fresh virgin combs and the honey harvested at the Autumn equinox!’
    • ‘The beverage of immortality of the ancient Greek Gods, ‘Ambrosia,’ a mixture of virgin comb honey and pollen, was for the human organism a fountain of inexhaustible power.’
    • ‘The crushed comb goes to my solar wax melter, and since it is virgin comb the resulting beeswax is exquisite.’